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AIM Version 5.0

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Latest Status

AIM v5.0 has gone through GAT (Government Acceptance Testing). Final changes are being made to the software, documentation is being updated, and will soon be submitted for NMCI approval. Please do NOT contact the AIM SSO asking for copies of the software until it has been approved by NMCI. When that approval happens, this status message will be changed to reflect the approval.


AIM users who have Word 2007 now have the ability to save the TG as a PDF document from within the TG Print Preview. In order to create the PDF, click on the Office Button in upper left hand corner, select "Save As", then select "PDF or XPS". Make sure the "Save as type" is set to "PDF", enter a filename, then click the "Publish" button.

AIM I and AIM II have been 'merged' into one deliverable. This should make it far easier to create and deliver updates to you, the user. As such, AIM v5.0 is installed into a single folder under Program Files on your computer (oddly enough called 'AIM v5.0' by default).

AIM Software Updates

  • AIM v5.0 Updates Build 5218 - Originally Posted: 2014-08-02

  • AIM v5.0 User's Manual/Help Updates  Originally Posted: 2013-08-24.
  • (Please note: Due to a compilation issue with an earlier version of AIM v5.0, you might need to run Register.exe from the AIM directory in order to run the Reporting module. We're sorry for the inconvenience.) 

  • Change Log


Please note: These links may link to v4.0 documentation until updated documents are finalized.

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